Your Business

A managed or unmanaged, ad hoc service with the same great customer communication offering a full compliment of networking, equipment, implementation, security and support services, tailored to you, and your business


Before engagement we always review and analyse your technology needs, and integrate this with your overall business requirements, providing you with a unique package – tiptop style.

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Tiptop are a well established and professional technology company, providing integrated  solutions to a wide range of clients.
Backed by a high level of technical expertise built over a 10 year period, our team pride themselves delivering highly individually tailored, and secure client projects, problem free, on time, and on budget.

Your Connected Home

A family business is a valuable asset that needs to be particularly nurtured and managed. Tiptop work with family organisations, and our key asset, in addition to our technology expertise, is our friendly and expert customer communication.


Our carefully chosen technology modelling for the family business, singular or multi-office, with a strong emphasis on security, efficient support, and understanding of your needs makes tiptop a perfect partner.


Our skilled team delivers flexible levels of support from standard, and high availability to corporate companies, family businesses, and discerning individuals, commercial enterprises, and start ups..

Your Personal Tech

Its personal! If you are a discerning individual you need a solid structured plan for you home or home office, and someone who is a well established, but very confidential -  with great customer service.


Tiptop’s bespoke, and boutique offer to you, enables you to feel safe that secure services are implemented, supported with a strong backbone of technology services and an efficient and flexible way of working in your environment – home or away.


Business never stands still, and nor do we. At tiptop we take notice of challenges our clients face and we approach each project methodically, with an innovative touch, and the usual tiptop swift response. We deliver clear proposals and solutions, in plain English, transparently priced, so you can make an informed decision. Throughout our working relationship you will enjoy great communications a fast response with the emphasis on growing a long term relationship.



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