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IT support has changed so much in recent years. In fact, arguably even the term ‘IT support’ is dated – if you are only getting support then you are being grossly undersold. Modern IT support needs to be so much more, because, with IT established as the key driver to business success, it is essential that you are not only supported in the eventuality of a disaster but are also equipped with the right tools and software to allow you and your team to not only manage but thrive with technology as a powerful ally.

It is essential that your IT landscape is managed, maintained, and allowed to evolve freely with the times. It is likely your current provider is doing an okay job of supporting you already, but unfortunately this is no longer good enough. It is now time to utilise technology to its full potential and ensure that you are achieving a TipTop service.


What a TipTop service looks like

Proactive not Reactive

Every IT support company on the market makes the claim of being proactive in their approach; in reality, most don’t know the meaning of the word – it simply sounds good in their advertising spiel. The vast majority still behave more like an insurance provider than an IT provider, only showing any interest in your organisation when something goes wrong.

The right provider will have a genuine interest in the prolonged success and safety of your systems and organisation as a whole. Your IT provider should keep you working with tools, software, and processes that are modern and up to date. They should give you confidence that you are going into the future with the right plans in the pipeline.

Business focus, not tech focus

A good IT provider will cater your IT to solve the business challenges that you and your team are facing on a daily basis. Rather than only communicating in tech terms, they will help you make every tech decision in the best interests of the business – they won’t just recommend the latest and greatest tools if they don’t align with the business’s needs.


The right provider will offer a level of expertise greater than your own. Of course, this should go without saying – but you would be surprised just how many business owners out there pick an IT provider because the ‘saleslady on the phone sounded nice’ or the classic ‘because they are only down the road’. Both are poor reasons to choose a provider. Remember, you are acquiring their services to offer value that you can’t, so think about it. There is no other part of your life where you are happy to pay someone a monthly fee for something you are more than capable of doing on your own, is there? So why are you happy to do that in regard to your IT support?

Your provider should make an effort to pass on their expertise to their counterparts in-house wherever they can, as well as to your team, directly wherever possible. Your employees need to be educated in how to get the most from the tools at their disposal, and how to behave securely when navigating your cyber landscape.


Time, a part of our workday that we have no control over – we know that it is limited and precious and that we can’t control it, but we can be sure that we use it to its full potential. Your IT provider should appreciate that fact. The right provider will incorporate the various time constraints that your particular organisation must adhere to in order to remain productive in their plans. They will adjust their approach to the implementation of tools accordingly and guarantee that time is being spent as productively as it can.


Forethought is very similar to proactivity, but it is different in one key aspect. When talking of proactivity, we are referring mostly to the proactive search for modern up to date IT and tech, whereas forethought is far broader. By acquiring the assistance of an IT provider that not only knows their stuff in regard to technology but also regarding the sector in which your business resides, you are equipping your team perfectly for the future. This expertise and forward thinking combined will allow you to really look to the future of your organisation, meaning that you can seek, identify, and change any convoluted processes that are anticipated to cause problems before they actually do. Or perhaps there are changes to legislation regarding data in your sector coming up – the right provider will know it’s coming and inform you, giving you time to talk and discuss what the next steps are to be sure you remain compliant.

A Clear catered IT strategy

Your IT provider’s approach to your IT needs to be strategically aligned to the way you, your team, and your organisation work; this will ensure that the technological services, tools, and infrastructure you purchase are aligned in a prosperous way to encourage productivity, collaboration, communication, and ultimately success. But, to take this one step further, it also guarantees that your IT will become a part of daily operations seamlessly, meaning that you can improve efficiency, support profitability, improve levels of communication, collaboration, and productivity, and always ensure compliance.

In short, the right provider will guarantee that the IT you purchase works in unison with your business, not the other way around.

Constant communication

Stereotypically – as rude as it sounds – tech minded individuals lack communicative skills. Modern IT support requires a constant and clear line of communication – without it there is no way that you could achieve what you desire from the tools in your organisation.

By communication we don’t mean a couple of emails or, worse, a “So, how’s things going?” call every now and again. With the power of modern-day technology every IT provider should have the ability to remain in constant contact with you, and a regular courtesy call should become common practice in your business.

It can be difficult to know what modern day IT support should look like, especially as things have changed so much over recent times that some have been left in the past in regard to what an IT provider should be doing for them.

At TipTopIT we guarantee a service based around the above elements, we pride ourselves in the service we provide and would like to let you know how we can help you and your business thrive. Contact out team of experts to find out more.


Innovative, flexible & trusted

We at TipTop IT are your innovative, flexible, and trusted IT Managed Service Provider. Highly experienced, with hundreds of very satisfied clients, our priority is to provide an exceptional IT service that makes a positive and immediate impact to add real value to you and your business. TipTopIT is a close-knit team and is run like a family business. Davide, TipTop IT’s Managing Director, feels that this is the cornerstone of his growing and thriving operation. When we say ‘everyone knows your business’ we mean it, as each team member supports all clients, and not just a selection. Get in contact and see what our TipTop team can do for you.