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Achieving Value From Remote Working

Our workplaces have changed untold amounts in recent times, remote working has become the new normal, it had to – for most of us to survive the pandemic this was the only course of action.

Most firms have been pleasantly surprised as to how the transition to remote working has gone, it has boosted the levels of efficiency and productivity their team is able to achieve in comparison to the traditional on-premises work setting. If remote working tools are used effectively, they can reduce total expenditure, and – regardless of the sector in which your organisation resides – you will enjoy considerable savings and an increase in productivity.

Over the coming years, the commonality of remote working is set to rise exponentially, more and more business owners are growing wise to the possibilities it offers.

Remote working has many positives, if you know how to force as much value as possible out of the tools your team have at their disposal, you can guarantee efficient work practices.


The Positives of Remote Working

Save Money

Cost saving is one of the main benefits of remote working – for smaller growing businesses in particular it can be a deal maker; it is a business change that not only reduces cost but also allows business owners the opportunity to increase their workforce size.


Employee Recruitment and Retainment

Recruitment and retainment are made a lot easier with remote working; you can advertise opportunities to everyone, regardless of their geographical location. The right candidate may live hundreds, or maybe – depending on your industry niche – thousands of miles away and if willing to work remotely, they can still be in with a chance of getting the role. Your organisation could be situated in the middle of nowhere and be difficult to access, this can deter some candidates away, but with the ability to offer remote working you are safe in the knowledge that you are attracting the best candidates in the world.

Every business has one employee that seems to have been there forever, they are usually the most integral member of the team and are key to a smooth work process – training someone new can cost a lot of money and time, as well as the new member of the team not being familiar with the way things are done or the company ethos. That employee that has been at the organisation for a long time will likely have developed an attachment to the company and will genuinely be invested in its success.


Work-life Balance

It is now easier than ever to establish a good work life balance – neither the organisation nor your team should have to suffer so the other can thrive. Remote working can infact boost team morale, job satisfaction, motivation, and engagement – this is due to being out of the sometimes-stressful office environment. Of course, you don’t have to let them work from home every day, but a healthy balance of both can be a great way to boost morale. A happy workforce is a productive workforce.

The problem is guaranteeing an effective remote working culture, it needs to be able to tackle the uncertainty that a lot of us are feeling in our businesses. It needs to guide your team to a future that is a hybrid of on-premise and remote working.


An Effective Remote Working Culture

A remote working culture can be difficult to enforce – even if you have made the transition successfully.

  • Invest in tech – You can maximize your team’s performance by ensuring they have the tools they need when working remotely to be efficiently productive.


  • A proficient level of security – Be sure to implement security measures and protocols regarding all data and IT systems.


  • Avoid social isolation – Keep your staff in the loop, you do not want them to feel isolated or disconnected from others in the organization.


Remote working is the future of every business in the world, and to some extent every business will be affected by it. With its ability to make collaboration possible regardless of your team’s location on the globe, it is truly a revelation. Remote working will allow you to create a cost-effective team with a great work life balance, and true enjoyment of their job.

You must have a strategy to how you are going to manage your remote working team, you must back up this strategy by purchasing the right tools to enforce that strategy – and in turn remote workings potential. Doing so will give you the edge over your less modern competitors.

Understandably, some still find this all a bit daunting, so do not hesitate to contact us and see what our expert IT team can do for you. We want to help you to a future that is made more productive through a widespread remote working team.



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