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Backup & Recovery

backup & disaster recovery

Safeguard your data with TipTop’s cost-effective expert solutions.

TipTop provides a fully managed cloud, hybrid, and onsite backup services to safeguard all of your standard and critical business data, and minimise any potential data loss. You will be safe and protected with quick-restore data availability, should the need arise. Usually, this is provided as part of our managed support contract.
The Challenges

Struggling with these data challenges?

Data Protection?

Protecting your data from cyberattack, accidental loss, or an emergency situation is paramount. If you do not you could be in trouble.

Slow Recovery Times?

Do you wait what seems like an age to restore your IT system or individual data?

Continuous Up-time?

Making sure your systems are online is a pivotal aspect of running a business, any downtime is expensive.

Financial Loss?

A cyberattack could end your business forever, if you have no backups the fines are not cheap – it could be as simple as one attack to end it all.

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compliance regulations?

Are you up to date with IT compliance?

Safeguard your data with TipTop’s cost-effective expert solutions, protecting you from unpredicted data loss, cyber-attack or technology downtime due to theft or damage, keeping your data secure, and your service loss to a minimum.
Our approach

How we can help you.

  • Status Reporting

    Monthly reports, quarterly restore tests and yearly strategy meetings give our clients greater visibility on their backup.

  • Business Continuity

    A comprehensive set of business continuity and disaster recovery plans can protect your systems from downtime and data loss.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Both IT and business requirements should be covered in your disaster recovery plans to ensure your full business continuity.

  • Granular Restoration

    GRE is an advanced technology that enables businesses to efficiently perform file, email and image-based recoveries.

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IT Support?

Are you looking for proactive IT Support?

The defence of your data is no longer an option – it is essential! You become more likely to be targeted by cyber crime every passing day, simultaneously the burden of legislation and regulatory compliance rises also.