Regardless of the industry, whether it be service, merchandising, manufacturing, or even information technology (IT), all successful businesses have many characteristics in common. One of the most telling is an effective customer-centric business model. As the transition from product-oriented to customer-oriented shifts, successful businesses are planning long-term strategies with a commitment to obtaining consistency. Some of the big payoffs of a customer-centric business model include an expanded customer base, the optimisation of business operations and higher profit margins. Special focus has been placed on industries where a service is provided to customers. Focusing on the IT field, what do customer-centric IT support companies have in common? What characteristics distinguish them from their competitors? What do you as a customer look for in a business or service provider? These are all questions that need to be explored by businesses and customers alike. Before we answer these, we’ll look at how businesses need to align themselves to becoming customer-centric.


Having Customer-Centric Values

Most IT support companies, smaller as well as established enterprises, have realised that maximising customer lifespan by prioritising the customer is ineffective. The priority should be focusing on meeting the needs of the customer. This can be achieved by driving customer delight in the following ways:

  • Always being timely
  • Giving customers what they need, not always what they want
  • Always listening to your customers
  • Following your policies and procedures, but always being flexible
  • Giving customers small things that they don’t expect (surprise and delight)
  • Always providing customers with a point of contact
  • Being clear on how you will assist without disclosing confidential or internal information


Developing Customer-Centric Characteristics

It’s easy to note that customer-centric IT support companies keep the customer lifetime value (CLV) at the centre of all of their efforts. When referring to customer lifetime value or CLV, we refer to the prediction of the net profit attributed to the future relationship of customers. Instead of placing focus on the average customer, customer-centric IT support companies tend to focus their time on:

  • Using customer data to get a better understanding and segment its customer base
  • Interacting and engaging with customers from the very beginning
  • Showing commitment to the customer from all levels of the business
  • Always promoting a customer-centric culture
  • Identifying customers across all channels
  • Implementing processes that are simple which benefits the customer and business
  • Identifying their best customers with a focus on products and services for their best customers
  • Identifying what actually matters to customers
  • Understanding the customer journey across the lifecycle of a product or service and meeting the needs of that journey

These are some of the characteristics and commonalities that customer-centric businesses work towards.


The Benefits of Being Customer-Centric

Fact: one of the biggest benefits of being customer-centric is that customer loyalty and customer retention increases.  Furthermore, by increasing customer satisfaction, IT support companies increase their bottom line, which ultimately leads to an increase in their profits. Other benefits include being able to recognise opportunities to grow the brand and creating a unique experience for your customers. These all tie back to developing customer-centric characteristics and keeping CLV at the heart of all your efforts.  


Customer-Centric IT Support Companies: What Should You Look For?

As customers, looking for IT support that will assist you can be difficult, however, there are telltales that all customer-centric IT support companies have in common like:

Knowing its customers

They have a solid understanding of the customers, their needs and wants.



The preferences for customers needs and wants changes over time. Businesses should be able to accommodate and adapt.  


The Conversation Cycle Continues After The Sale

Businesses feel a sense of achievement when reaching their sales targets, especially when a large portion of those sales are from new customers. However, customers tend to what more than a transaction. Continual engagement with customers (especially after a successful transaction) presents companies the opportunity to build a relationship with their clients.


There Is a Focus On The Overall Brand Experience

Rather than waiting for customers to come to them, customer-centric IT support companies are ensuring that they are alongside their customers and even potential customers throughout the buying process.


It is understandable how businesses have been aligning their business models to meet the needs of their customers. All in favour to build a successful relationship. As a business, we constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers and expand our expertise through keeping the CLV at the centre of our efforts. We sincerely believe in helping all our clients, no matter the challenge of their goals. We aim to understand their business dynamics, understand them as individuals, and preserve their technology status quo.

As a customer-centric Managed Service Provider (MSP), we are constantly expanding our expertise through an ever-learning approach for the benefit of our customers. We are capable of assisting all of our clients with spirit and attitude that is customer-centric, regardless of their goals.  So, if you’re interested in building a long-standing relationship and valuable collaboration with us, get in touch here or request a free consultation, we’d love to hear from you.