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The IT support checklist

The IT Support Checklist

In our previous article we outlined just how important modern proactive IT support is. In this article we will outline exactly what you should get from your IT support. The right provider will offer the following and more in a way that suits your organisation.


1. Proactivity

A proactive approach is integral – an IT partner that is only reactive will leave you and your team using dated tools that won’t help you achieve your goals for growth and increased profits. Some are lured in by the promise of 24/7 support, and no doubt that support is okay but, just because it is 24/7, this doesn’t mean that it is proactive. The right provider will get to know you, your team, and – most importantly – the way your business ticks. There is no rush, so take your time before going in head first, ask the necessary questions, find out if consultancy is part of your SLA and if it isn’t then move on to the next provider.

2. Remote support

The modern workplace requires remote support. Traditional IT support required a phone call to your provider regarding the problem, who would then send a representative expert to fix the problem physically, whereas in the modern world this is neither efficient nor necessary. Most good providers will use a software solution that allows you to send a request, then after (ideally) a few minutes an expert will be in contact with you via a remote session to run through the fix with you, allowing you to resolve any problems at a much quicker rate than merely waiting around would result in.

3. Expertise

IT providers – like any other industry – have areas of expertise, and most specialise in a certain industry sector. This is obvious to many, but it is surprising how many businesses don’t bear this in mind. You can’t expect someone to advise you on what is best for the future of your organisation, both operationally and technically, if they have no idea of the latest trends and ‘done things’ in the sector, can you?

4. Strategic Partnership

A ‘strategic partnership’ is a term that needs to be listened out for during your search. The right provider will have a genuine interest in establishing a strategic partnership with you; to make a strategic partnership possible you need an accumulation of proactivity, expertise, and relationship building. Your provider will come to you with IT strategies that are forward thinking and centred around increasing the levels of efficiency that you and your team are able to achieve, in turn helping your organisation to move forward successfully.

There are many more elements to top quality IT support but these are some of the most important to look out for when navigating potential providers’ websites. We hope these articles help you in your search for the right IT provider – one that will benefit the continued growth of your organisation – but, if you still feel a little lost, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and see what we can offer you and your team.


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